still from imitations

From Imitations, 2022, video essay

still from imitations

Where Do You Keep Your Black People?

This is a project concerned with the intersection of the moving image(s), artificial intelligence and representations of race. The project aims to articulate a creative response to the concern of racial justice in AI ethics, and representations of race in media technologies by considering visibility and perception.

1992 poster

Where Were You in 1992?

What political actions or groups were you involved in, in 1992? What were your modes of activism? What technologies were you using to communicate? Moving between the personal and the collective, between then and now, these questions direct the visual and textual exploration of archives relating to the anti-racist, anti-nationalist, anti- facist activism of the 1990's.

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Digital Dimensions in Documents

This is a practice-based research project that looks at the reproduction and translation properties of digital media technologies in relation to moving image documents, it has a particular focus on the translation of 2D images into 3D environments.