Current Projects

Where Were You in 1992?

What political actions or groups were you involved in, in 1992? What were your modes of activism? What technologies were you using to communicate? Moving between the personal and the collective, between then and now, these questions will direct our visual and textual exploration of the MayDay Rooms archives. We also encourage and invite others to help us explore these questions. We are looking for gestures of resistance and action, those that persist, and those that have fallen away. Familiar and little known materials and images will be recombined by using audio-visual interviews and computer-based analysis side by side. We will find elements of recognition, identification, resemblance and difference.

Tesla Research Interest Group Archive

Tesla is an Art|Science Research Interest Group at the Department of Computer Science at University College London. For the last ten years our focus was on visionary ideas beyond the existing remits of art and science, and particularly on the projects that incorporate and amalgamate both art and science into the new hybrid discipline of art|science. As a result, we have built an online archive of talks by invited speakers that covers various aspects of the field. During this time, Tesla Talks were a rare academic platform for artists, scientists, and thinkers to present and debate their ideas and dreams, views and projects with colleagues, and with others interested in the subject. The events, except for the AHRC Symposium, were all free and open to the public.